Can I mix my own sea salt soak to use as aftercare for my piercings?

Many clients ask if they can mix their own sea salt soak to use as aftercare for their piercings. We recommend purchasing sterile saline solution, rather than mixing your own. First of all, when mixing sea salt with water, you will almost never achieve the correct concentration; too much salt will dry out the tissue and result in complications with healing.

Not enough salt, and it will not clean your piercing effectively. Secondly, you would need to make the mixture twice a day for six weeks to avoid contamination by storing it in a non-sterile container, which isn’t very convenient. Most importantly, the products used in mixing sea salt soaks at home are not guaranteed to be free from harmful bacteria and contaminants. Tap water contains a number of bacterium which will automatically contaminate your home mixture. Sea salt has recently been identified to contain microplastics, a result of the products we flush down the drain which cannot be filtered out using current water filtration techniques. Below is an article outlining the recent studies confirming plastic contamination in sea salt. Overall, the safest, most convenient form of aftercare is sterile saline, which can be purchased at Ink Well for $12. The sterile can comes with more than enough saline to care for multiple piercings. We use Neilmed Pharmaceuticals Wound Wash, which is an excellent solution for any kind of piercing.

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