Cosmetic Tattooing



Enhance Your Features

What if there was a way to cut down on the amount of time spent on your daily beauty routine? Cosmetic tattooing is a solution for those who want to look their best with minimal effort. In addition to saving time, cosmetic tattooing can also be used to correct asymmetry or enhance features that are naturally lacking.

Cosmetic Tattooing, also known as permanent makeup, can involve eyebrows, freckles and lips. The pigments are inserted into the dermal layer of the skin, resulting in a long-lasting effect. Lip blushing can add a pop of color to your lips and make them appear fuller and more youthful.

Important Information: Results of the procedures are also dependent on medications (antacids, thyroid and anxiety medication), skin conditions (oily, flaking/dry or loose skin), health condition (poor diet) and not following the pre care and aftercare instructions.
Powder or Powder Ombre Brows 1st Session $330.00 + Tax
Powder or Ombre Powder Brows Touch Up $192.50 + Tax
Combination Brows 1st Session $412.50 + Tax
Combination Brows Touch Up $192.50 + Tax
Lip Blushing 1st Session $220.00 + Tax
Lip Blushing Touch Up Session $192.50 + Tax
Lip Neutralization 1st Session $220.00 + Tax
Lip Neutralization Follow Up Session $192.50 + Tax
Lip Refresher $165.00 + Tax