Our pricing for piercings is the Piercing Fee + Jewelry price. Our piercing fee is $60 for 1 piercing or $100 for any two of the same piercing
Piercing Piercing Fee (does not include jewelry)
Lobes $60 ea., $100/pair + Jewelry price
Helix $60 ea., $100/pair + Jewelry price
Forward Helix $60 ea., $100/pair + Jewelry price
Orbital $60 ea., $100/pair + Jewelry price
Nostril $60 ea., $100/pair + Jewelry price
Septum, Bridge $60 ea., $100/pair + Jewelry price
Tragus, Anti-tragus, Rook, Daith, Conch, Snug, Industrial $60 ea., $100/pair + Jewelry price
Tongue , Vertical labret, Philtrum, Monroe $60 ea., $100/pair + Jewelry price
Surface, Microdermal $60 ea., $100/pair + Jewelry price
Lip, Labret $60 ea., $100/pair + Jewelry price
Dahlia $60 ea., $100/pair + Jewelry price
Cheeks $60 ea., $100/pair + Jewelry price
Nipple(s) $60 ea., $100/pair + Jewelry price
Navel, Eyebrow $60 ea., $100/pair + Jewelry price
     Accepted Forms of ID:

Frequently Asked Questions


Please review our FAQ and find the booking app down below!

Q: How old do I need to be to get a piercing? A: You must be 18+ with valid government issued ID to get a piercing. If you are under 18 (no children under 7), you will need parental consent, and we will need ID for both you and your parent.
Q: What ID do I need to bring? A: We require government issued photo ID (ie: driver’s license, health card, passport, military ID, Indigenous status card, Ontario photo ID card, immigration status card, etc.) for every client who will be obtaining a piercing or tattoo. For minors without photo ID, we require two pieces of non-photo government issued ID (ie birth certificate and health card). PHOTOS OF ID WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
Q: Can I have someone sign parental consent on my behalf? A: No. Parental consent must come from the legal custodial parent. If legal guardianship has been obtained, we will need the Family Court judgment granting custody, as well as all other ID required.
Q: Can I bring my own jewelry? A: We are required to pierce with jewelry that is new and unworn, and made of a material which can be verified as complying with industry standards. As such, we only pierce with jewelry purchased at our studio.
Q: My skin is sensitive. What jewelry do you offer? A: We offer the highest quality body jewelry on the market, made from ASTM-F136 implant grade titanium, or 14kt and 18kt solid gold. Both of these materials are very biocompatible, and will aid in the successful healing of your new piercing.
Q: How much does your jewelry cost? A: We have a wide range of jewelry to choose from in both titanium and gold, and our stock is constantly being updated with new pieces. We have options to fit most budgets, so we encourage you to come in and take a look at our selection to see what best represents your taste and style.
Q: Can I go swimming with a new piercing? A: We advise against submerging any new piercing for at least the first three months. This includes baths, pools, hot tubs, or any bodies of water. Your new piercing is an open wound and we want to ensure that bacteria does not have a chance to enter and create an infection.
Q: Am I supposed to twist the jewelry in my new piercing? A: No. Twisting or otherwise moving the jewelry removes the skin cells your body is trying to create in order to heal. Your piercer will choose an initial size of jewelry that will allow room for any swelling that will occur, and in most cases your piercer will recommend stopping in at some point for a checkup, and to have smaller jewelry put in once swelling has subsided.
**If you are booking for two piercings on one person, only one appointment is required. Additional piercing fee will be charged upon completion of the appointment.**
**We advise against any piercing under the mask IF you are required to wear a mask for the majority of your day**
**Not all piercings are suitable for all ages, for more information on age requirements for minors please call to clarify before booking**
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