Express Your Style

Piercings are a great way to show off your style, so we’ve made sure our piercer has extensive training and knowledge around proper piercing techniques and is able to provide a range of piercing options.

All appointments are completed in an aseptic and professional manner using only disposable materials and autoclaved tools, which are cleaned by hand and sterilized in our medical-grade autoclave system. Our equipment is subject to the same hygiene standards as surgical equipment in a hospital setting.

Aftercare is discussed with every client to help manage the piercing healing process, and piercers can provide NeilMed Saline Spray.

Piercings are available on a walk-in basis, but appointments are welcome.

A wide variety of jewelry in various materials is also available in the shop for properly-healed piercings, including surgical steel, titanium and 18-karat gold.

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Piercing Price
Lobes $50 ea., $80/pr
Helix $50
Forward Helix $60
Triple Forward Helix $160
Orbital $80
Nostril $50
Septum, Bridge $60
Tragus, Anti-tragus, Rook, Daith, Conch, Snug, Industrial $60
Tongue , Vertical labret, Philtrum, Jestrum Frenulum(any), Monroe $60
Surface, Microdermal $80
Lip, Labret $50
Dahlia $110
Cheeks $140
Nipple(s) $60 ea., $80/pr
Navel, Eyebrow $60