Get Inked and Make Your Mark

At Ink Well Tattoos & Piercings, we’ve assembled a team of professional and unique artists; by doing this, we’ve made sure we’re able to cater to a large demographic. Each artist at Ink Well will style each piece according to their clients’ unique personalities, and they always welcome the chance to expand their portfolio with variations upon request. Furthermore, our customers’ health and safety is a top priority at Ink Well. We execute tattoos in an aseptic and professional manner using disposable materials and hospital-grade sterilization techniques. Artists will also discuss tattoo aftercare with clients upon the completion of each piece to ensure a successful healing process, and can provide After Inked and H2Ocean brand lotions to care for your tattoo at home. Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

Jason Goettler

After moving to Kingston in 2010, marking the start of his professional career, Jason has spent nearly everyday for almost 10 years tattooing. After a brief hiatus from Kingston in 2013, and returning to open Ink Well in February of 2014 Jason continues to develop his bold and illustrative style, and welcomes a wide variety of concepts and styles.

Brock Chevrier

Brock hails from Cornwall, Ontario and relocated to Kingston four years ago when he completed his apprenticeship and began his artistic journey into the world of tattoos and piercing. Clients have come to know him for his unique style, which focuses on realism and extremely detailed work. Brock loves the freedom his job allows, and he is constantly energized by the ability to specialize in a particular field.  

Allison Bell

Allison Bell began drawing before she could write and would spend hours drawing her favorite animals. In late 2014 she moved to Kingston to pursue a tattooing apprenticeship and officially started on March 31st of 2017 at Ink Well. Allison first pursued art at a young age through sketch drawings of horses and various other animal anatomy. As she developed she found inspiration from the movies such as Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, the studio Ghibli movie: Spirited Away and other animated characters and video game characters.  

Chelsea Vachon

Chelsea was raised in Perth Ontario and has been drawing for as long as she can remember. She attended the Ontario College of Art and Design where she completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting. Soon after graduation she was given the opportunity to pursue tattooing in Kingston. She loves applying her style to a variety of themes whether it be nature, florals, illustrative blackwork, ornamental work and anything in between. Tattooing has allowed her to continue to grow as an artist while being able to meet and collaborate with new people everyday.  

Niq Gryphon

After finishing his apprenticeship in 2020, Niqolai “Niq Knack” Gryphon joined the team at Inkwell as a junior artist and has been providing professional, personable tattooing ever since. Drawing on former professional experience as an animator, a deep love of the natural world, DIY punk subculture, and his country roots, his work spans a variety of subject matters and styles. His practice is informed by a queer, feminist, anti-racist perspective that prioritizes consent, bodily autonomy, and a celebration of self-authorship. He is excited to collaborate with folks from all walks of life to create artwork that is uniquely their own. Niq is particularly interested in doing colorful illustrative, new school, and neotraditional work.

Taylor Bulbrook

Taylor Bulbrook is the permanent make up artist at Ink Well. She comes from an ethician background and received her first permanent makeup certificate in 2017. Recently achieving another certificate in 2022 to learn new pmu techniques to better the client experience. Taylor has a passion for make up and is a perfectionist when it comes to her cosmetic art.